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Can You Go To The Chiropractor When Sick?

So I wanted to speak to you guys today about what to do if you’re not feeling well. You know, sometimes if you’ve got the sniffles, you got a cough and a cold just spluttering around and you think, oh my gosh, one, I may not want to share these germs or spread the germs everywhere, whatever those germs are… Remember it’s germ theory. But also whether you know, you might feel worse going out and, you know, interacting out in the public. Now, the thing is, is that let’s bear in mind what happens when you go to see a healthcare practitioner, guess what news flash, we treat people who are sick. So first of all, you should definitely be questioning who your practitioner is. If they are not practicing what they preach, because if you’re practicing what you preach, then the thing is, is that you want to be making sure that your practitioner is nice and healthy already.

So if they’re already healthy, they’ve been taking their health really well. Then of course, they’re going to make sure that nobody get ill themselves. But secondly, let’s think about you, first of all, if you are not, well, then, you know, why don’t you go get the care that you need now going to a chiropractor? How could that possibly help you? If you’re feeling like you got a cold or you got a flu, things like that. Now I’m not saying we’re going to directly treat those things. However, what I am saying is why don’t we create an environment where your body can then he’ll really well and promote health really well. So as the cold weather goes into action for these colder winter months coming up, I mean, it’s raining like crazy right now. As I do this stream, the thing that happens is you know, people go, oh, don’t go outside in the cold weather with wet hair because you’re gonna get a cold, but a cold is a bug.

So if you’ve got the cold bug, there’s nothing, there’s no science behind the fact that having cold hair is going to attract the cold bug. We’re just looking at germ theory right now. So first of all, it doesn’t make sense. The other thing is, is that you want to think about how a cold works. Now, remember what I said, there is germ theory because it’s still a theory it’s not been proven yet. I’d like to introduce you to something else. There’s something called terrain theory. Now terrain theory is, I mean, I’m a huge fan of, and let me explain to you why, and you probably have heard of this and it’ll make sense to you when I explain this because in terrain theory, let’s say, for example, in your kitchen, you spill a whole bunch of sugar.

What’s likely to happen is a whole bunch of answer like you to be attracted to that sugar. And if that happens, the logical thing would be to like, you go, oh great. Let me get some ant killer and kill all the ants and will happen is live the answer still come along because you haven’t cleared the sugar. So the terrain has been contaminated if you like. So if you instead clean up the sugar, there’s no reason for that terrain to now attract those ants. So you wouldn’t even need the killer, the medicine, the drugs, and that’s the way that our body works too. If you have a nice clean, healthy environment inside your body, there is no reason for any bugs to even come along and get you. So that’s a starting point that we always miss is terrain theory is number one. Now the second thing is to think about what happens when you go visit a chiropractor, how do you, how can that help anything?

Well, in, in terms of, in terms of your, your immune system, there is research showing that it does help with regards to improving dynamic fluid flow. So if you’re feeling congested, the nose is really congested and so on, you know, breathing well, certainly getting your ribs worked on your thoracic humid part of your back, worked on getting the lugs, the lungs, moving, getting the fluid dynamics working. It’s going to all start moving things around, but also don’t forget the fact that your chiropractor probably has a whole bunch of really amazing wealth knowledge. And so when you have all that wealth of knowledge, you know, things like, are you drinking? I’m going to go through, are you drinking enough fluids? Are you drinking enough water? Are you taking enough rest? Are you having other supplements that you could have? You can do all these other things.

It’s not just about having a spine cracked in a famous way that the chiropractors will adjust you. There’s all these other things that chiropractic can do and osteopathic can do. And the physio can do. And anybody else who’s worth their weight as primary healthcare practitioners. And by the way, primary healthcare practitioners means you go to them first before anybody else, a primary health care practitioner, just like your medical doctor, just like your dentist, just like your opticians, just like a podiatrist, just like your I’m trying to think who else now, like you asked you about the chiropractor and physios, all of them, we are all the kind of people who can diagnose you, or you can go to as a first point of call. So if you’re wondering, should you go to get your health checked out either to a chiropractor or an osteopath or a physio when you’re sick, as long as you’re comfortable doing it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

And that’s, and then that’s what we tell our patients. And by the way, I’ve never become ill from a patient coming to see me level. Why is that? Because my internal terrain, I look off myself, I’ve got a rebounder. I use everyday. I drink the right water every day. I’ve got water right here, right now. I drink tons and tons of stuff. I have ginger pretty much every day. I have turmeric pretty much every day I move my body correctly. Every day I get my spine adjusted regularly. I get massages regularly. I will exercise regularly. I mean, all these things, I do all the right things, my mindset, by the way, let’s not forget that your emotional, mental wellbeing is super important for these things too. So, you know, if you’re doing all those things correctly, then of course, you know, why would you not?

Why would you not go get your health checked out by a professional? And it shouldn’t be under the covers. Then you should move your body around and start getting things working again, because we end up becoming like what we do to ourselves. You know, the more we do, the more we can do, the less we do the less we can do. So it’s very easy to get stuck into that rut. And actually my advice would be move, get going. Let’s do it. And go from there. Hope you found this useful. If you have any questions as always, please do feel free to DM me, tweet me write a comment in the, in the, in the comments below, I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have and I’ll see you on the next stream.

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Readers are advised to consult with a qualified healthcare professional for personalised advice and treatment.

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