Dr. Trishul Vadi

Doctor of Chiropractic

My Story

Since the age of 8 years old, I knew I had to find a way to help people suffering in pain. When deciding what to study at University, my mum, Asha, suggested I join her for a visit to her Osteopath.

What the Osteopath did intrigued me, so I attended an Open Day at The British School of Osteopathy (now renamed at University College of Osteopathy). They were so impressed with meeting me, they invited me back for a formal interview, followed by an unconditional offer.

In 2006 I received a Bachelor of Osteopathy from HRH Princess Anne and with the strength of a supportive family set up practice in West Wickham. Although very successful, I felt something was missing.

In 2006 I also received training at the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy. At the time, Mr Wernham was the oldest practising Osteopath in the world, at 99 years old.

After carrying out years of research, I embarked on a Chiropractic course in Oxford, whilst continuing to run the clinic in South London. In 2012 I was honoured with a Masters in Chiropractic making me one of just three practitioners in the UK qualified in both Osteopathy and Chiropractic.

Also in 2012, I joined The European School of Osteopathy faculty and have been teaching undergraduate Osteopathic students.

Over the years I have led many patients to join the profession, having been impressed with the results I have been able to achieve with my skills and expertise, some of whom have returned to the clinic to work with me at AVID Healthcare.

In 2016 the practice was recognised by the Institute of Osteopathy as one of the UK’s leading Osteopathic clinics.

When not at the clinic (which is rare) I am often spending time with the family. Running a family business, we invariably end up discussing how we can improve our service, coming up with creative ways to help the community and look after our passionate team. I often like to still partake in Bollywood dancing, having had the privilege to share spectacular venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena with world-famous actors, singers and celebrities.

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