Be Selfish For Your Health

If you’re like me, you’ve probably felt a sense of guilt when trying to take some time for yourself, to better yourself. 

It was only when I was sitting on plane before it took off, and the safety briefing was provided where in case of an emergency that I must be on my oxygen mask first, before attempting to help others.

That’s when I realised that I had to learn to be selfish (in a good way) and put the “oxygen mask” on first before trying to help others.

Once I did that I saw the massive improvement in my impact and ability to serve others on a higher level.

That’s when I promised myself that never again would I let down others by putting myself last.

Ask yourself, what is it you need to do to make yourself the best version of yourself? Allow yourself to do this and allow others to enjoy the best version of yourself.

New Years With A Twist

Hooray we made it! It’s the end of the year (or decade) and it’s finally time to celebrate with all the wonderful things you want to do to mark the end of this year.

We may be out celebrating with our loved ones having a great time.

However I am also aware that there are some of those who may not be in the same celebrating state of mind.

They may be lonely, either by choice or by circumstance.

So this New Year’s Eve, way before the countdown begins, lets all get our phones out and message at least 5 people that you haven’t spoken with for a while saying:

“hey, I’m just checking in to see how you’re doing”

You don’t need to message about New Years just yet as that will most likely get lost in all the other New Years messages they’re probably receiving.

But this special message checking in with them is likely to stand out and make them feel appreciated that you care.

What if that was the one person who needed that one message from you to let them know someone cares, well I think that would just make their day, year, decade!

Or another way you can do this is pop round to some of your neighbours that you may know are going to be spending today alone, check in on them, and perhaps even arrange a date in the first 5-10 days of 2020 where you will catch up.

This is how I’m starting my New Year and I hope you do too because I think there are people out there who need our help, so let’s go help them.