Is Spinal Health Important During Menopause?

So, have you ever wondered whether spinal health is important during the change of life? Well, you know what I like to be really evidence-based and I think it’s important that we look at the research and see what is out there what’s happened in the past, whether those who have good spinal health have had a better response or had a better chance of going through a more comfortable change of life. Of course, we’re talking about the famous menopause and of course it didn’t affect everyone. Although there are some signs of men having the menopause, mano pause. But today I wanna talk about how having some spinal care has shown that the hormonal health in someone and particularly the two main hormones in a female, which is estrogen and progesterone can be sustained, managed well as they decrease. And of course, if someone’s looking after their health and wellbeing, then certainly that can help them go through those changes to things like those hot flushes, the discomfort and all those different things.

So there’s, there was a research study done in 2018, which shows that this lady who was 57 was going through the change and found that well actually it was presented. This case was presented to NUCCO the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. And in that study, they found that this lady was having about 10 hot flushes a day and she was also getting right-sided sciatica pain. So what they did was they provided nine adjustments. So right up in the neck adjustments, hi right there. And it was delivered over a period of 12 visits in six weeks. So nine adjustments in the neck, right, for a period of 12 visits over six weeks. And the patient reported a complete resolution of hot flushes and improvement in psychotic pain over that six weeks, well at six weeks. So that was pretty cool. I mean, bearing my cytokines is right-sizing notice right the way down in the lower back in the, in the leg that’s where it’s stemmed from, from the lower back and goes down to the leg.

That’s quite profound how the neck affects everything else in the body. So what they concluded in this study was that there may be a contributing factor from the neck to these hot flushes and psychotic pain. And it really demonstrates a point, even if it’s not talking about menopause, the fact that having other parts in your body looked at and cared for which may not seem directly related. So in this case for those sites nerve pain problems, you know, it’s important maybe to get the neck adjusted. I mean, key, this was one case. I get that in terms of volume of people and participants it means like, get more, but it certainly is leaning towards the right direction of the kind of results that we want to favor. So it was quite interesting to me. Also there were seeing that the regulation and the physiological processes in the body, the regulation of those nerves sort of those hormones is, is quite interesting too.

Now having said that, am I saying that if you’re going through the chain, that you’re going to get identical results, not necessarily, but what I am saying is that the research is quite clear that it’s worth having care compared to not. If we weigh the benefits to the risks, is it worth having spinal care than not? Is it worth having something that’s natural, healthy? A protocol that doesn’t put anything new into the body doesn’t take anything off the body. So it’s not like drugs or surgery. And is it worth going through that to help your body go through the changes? I think so. So if you have found this useful, if you are going through the change or know someone going through a change, consider finding a local practitioner who can specialize in natural, healthy movements into your body, particularly consider those who are open to the idea of looking at your upper neck.

And you know, the thing is, it’s really important to find someone who can look at the research, apply the research, understand the research, and consider getting those same sort of benefits. I felt this was important to share this information that I could be life-changing for someone at, I see so many female patients going into the change, having so much discomfort, and it may be preventable. Don’t have to go through so many difficult changes. So I hope it was useful. Please do feel free to share this with someone that you might find also a benefit to thank you for watching.

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