Your Health Is Like This Key Ring

So, what does key ring have to do with your health? Well, let me explain. See, I got these, this key ring. I had it for a little while now. And when I first got it right when I first got it, it was like so tough to push that came with a bunch of different colors. And one of the most things snap, because it was so hard to push and I was like, man is so, so, so difficult to use. Like, how come I can't just use it properly. It was only the other day when I accidentally flicked

His little black bit here. When I pick that,

Oh my gosh, I thought, well, no, a broken another one. And then I realized, hang on a second. Maybe that's meant to click around as, as I can click it into place so that it holds the keys where it should be. And I'll say, oh my gosh, where were the instructions for those key, for this cheering? I didn't come with any instructions. I think they thought, oh yeah, you know, people will be able to figure it out. But I was like, oh my gosh, there's so many people like you walking around without instructions for your body. You don't know how to make it work. And you need someone like me

To come in and show you, Hey, let me just click

You back into place so that you know how to fix yourself and work. There you go. So the thing is, is that we don't have a manual. We don't have any set of instructions. You need someone to show you how you work as that's what I think is very much like just hearing. And if no one had taught me, the only way I'm going to find out is by making mistakes and breaking things and learning from experience for the faster way to learn anything is by other people's experience. Other people telling you. So think about what else is it about your life and about your health that you don't have any instructions for a manual for

Yet will be really useful

To have someone show you or tell you, or you know, how to use things correctly. Would that be useful? You know, I mean, it's, it's crazy. So as you're finding me say that I do have you know, there's a famous company, I think called the Haynes manual. I believe they make all these manuals about vehicles and cars and things. And I actually found along the many years ago when they created for fun about the human body and I was like, wow. Yeah, that's true. We don't come out with a manual. How things work, no one ever tells us we should do this and do that. And also then we have the challenge of things changing all the time. And the body hasn't really evolved that much in recent few hundred years. It really hasn't changed that much. What we do to it has changed. So that's where we're starting to see things happen. How we discover things with technology and science has progressed to scan the body better and do those different things. Dastardly helps, but the body is still the body. You still have to utilize in certain ways. There's certain laws and of the body that in nature that can violate. And if we do

Then you're screwed. So think about

What it is. For example, sitting sitting is the new smoking. We sit now, whenever now here's the other thing, by the way, I have some patients coming in to see me and they go, oh, I know why the problem of what problem we're problem. Because I sit all day in office. Yeah. They could come in with exact same problem as somebody else. Let's say a builder who's active all day lifting, moving, twisting, denoting, the blessing problem. So is it a sitting or is it the overactivity or actually, is it neither? I have other patients come along and say, oh yeah, I know I've got this because of old age. How did this morning when my patients go, oh yeah, it's getting, cause I'm getting older and it really well, you might be 60, 70. Yeah. I see. 20 year olds have the same problem. I see.

10 year olds, the same problem. I see. 40 years. And same problem. So knee age has no number of factor. So let's swap that out. We into this crazy hypnosis in this community, in the world of like, oh yeah, it's because of this. And because of that, and then was crazy. It was really crazy is when we're desperate seeking help and trying to figure it out, we're looking to the wrong places. We ended up asking our friends, oh yeah, my friend had that problem. And they did this. They did that. It's no longer specific. There's so many other variables that we'll consider. Like you're just hearing, this is a really unusual hearing. This is a weird, it's a different. And so, you know, there's a specific way of using this key ring and it doesn't work the same way other ones do. So if I use a different key ring, then I might have an experience with that, that one hearing.

So what you want to do is go to a hearing expert who might have more experience. And then the same thing with this. You want to go to a health expert, who's got more experience about treating different people, different ways and so on. So that's when we leave you with my thought of the day to day is how your hearing's or hearing or hearing or any hearing or make hearing is the same as your body and your health. So I hope you enjoy this. Please do make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications. Leave me a comment below. I love reading your comments so I can help serve more. And I hope you have an awesome, awesome, awesome day.

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