Preparing For A Winning Week

I was preparing for my Sunday evening ritual and I thought, “Hey, you know what? This might be valuable to some people out there.” 

So here’s the thing : we are prepared for an amazing week. The way I get ready for it is actually it doesn’t start on a Sunday. 

It starts way before, even like sometimes Friday evening, sometimes it might be on a Saturday and I would just start preparing, reviewing, thinking about what happened in the past week, past few days and start thinking about why to plan for next week already. 

So then what starts happening from a Friday evening? Saturday afternoon time is when I’ll start thinking about, okay, what do I need to do on a Sunday? What do I need to get taken care of? If I need to, I’m going to read something, listen to him, watch something, learn something. Do I need to write something? Do I need to create something?

What do I need to do to get me ready for the week ahead? I’ll have a look to see what meetings I have with the head who I’m going to be speaking with and my team as well. And this is really important. I’m a big believer in you are only as good as your team. And so we get our team at the clinic to prepare themselves mentally as well for the week ahead. So we’ll get them to send us information about what their goals are for that week ahead. And so I will read that first thing on a Monday morning. So that’s one thing that I leave sort of a little bit last minute, but I prepared everything else for myself. So for example, I’ll ensure that I’ve eaten right over the weekend. Now eating right, first of all means either having highly nutritious food, but it also sometimes means I just want to splurge, want to eat stuff that I shouldn’t be eating, but I enjoy eating and it makes me feel good.

So I’ll do that sometimes. I should quite a lot to be fair. Other things I’ll do to prepare myself are to make sure that it really stretches out my body during the week. I have long, long days. So I find it hard to always get the time to stretch out my body as much as I want. It really takes me a good 30 to 45 minutes to stretch everything. And normally during the week, I’ll do a quick hybrid version of that if I haven’t got time, but I’ll do something. But definitely during the week, during the weekend, especially on a Sunday morning, I will ensure I stretch out every single part of my body because I use physical movements. I have physical techniques and it’s important that I I’m able to use my body to perform the techniques that I need to perform so I can get the best outcome from our clinical goals that we have with our patients, but also with regards to being physically active during the day, you know, I’m not at a desk all day long, I’m on my feet all day long.

I clock easily 12 to 14,000 steps a day just being at work. And that’s, you know, that’s physically can be a little bit taxing on my feet and my legs and my back as I want to make sure I look after myself. So that’s a few things I will do. And then of course I definitely want to make sure that I block out time like today. I had planned to do a whole bunch of stuff and things didn’t always go to plan and we ended up going to the supermarket for longer than we planned to end up buying so much stuff. And I just took that as well. Yeah, that’s cool. That’s just a little bit of family time preparing to buy stuff for the week. So I didn’t have to be running out of food and doing an extra last minute shop in a week that I didn’t have to, it takes out time for my day.

So these sorts of things are important as well, just to make sure that I’ve got it right. So it’s like this, this is really important to me. They say, you know, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. It’s so true. And it makes me feel like, you know, we, we just need to take some time. So it’d be like I always like to use, and I like to use the idea of a, a bow and arrow and sometimes the arrow needs to get pulled back further away so that it can be launched further forward. And I take the weekends or what I like to call a strong ENS. That’s something from Jim Rome. And I like to prepare for things in that sense. I also like to make sure that, you know, things that I didn’t get done in the last week that I will try and see where I can fit it in, in this week, because every week it’s not perfect as, as much as I’d love for it to be things aren’t always great.

And so I’ve got to make sure that, okay, what do I do now? Do I need to adjust it? Is that important? I like to use the ideas of, you know, what’s important urgent compared to what’s important and not urgent compared to what’s urgent and not important. And then what’s not important and not urgent is that quadrant if you guys have ever seen that, that’s really cool. I love using that. And it really gets me focusing my attention and my goals of getting things. So feel free to write in the comments, any questions you have, anything that I can help with, anything that I’ve used or anything that you’ve found that’s been helpful, it would help me. I’d love to learn from you. I’d be happy to take that on, but certainly there’s a few things I’d like to do and over keep adapting and tweaking it.

I think there isn’t a perfect way to prepare. Sometimes I look at all these mentors and successful people around the world, and I think about what’s the goal. What’s the, what’s the morning routine. Like what’s the evening routine, like what’s the weekend routine, like, and, or strong and routine like, and and sometimes, you know, you got to keep tweaking it and adapting it depending on what’s going on, what goals you’re trying to achieve. Sometimes, like this morning, we did not go to plan at all for me. So I woke up a little bit later than I was planning to. And then suddenly I just, well, you know, Coleman was awake and I thought, well, I just want to hang out with her for a little bit and just, you know, just dawdle about and just don’t really do much. And then when know, calling members of our family and catching up with them on FaceTime, and then it ends up becoming like 10 or 11 o’clock and I hadn’t even gone for a run yet where normally I’ve done my run by 6:00 AM and I’ll say, wow, I’m even done that yet.

And so I was like, oh, okay. Procrastinating and kept procrastinating. And I was like, look at the weather. And I was like, oh my gosh, she’s going to rain in like an hour or so. So I need to go now, cause I’d rather rain in the running than the rain. And so things like that, I had to just find ways that would get me back on track because I knew it was important for me to get my run done today. Because if I didn’t do it today, one day becomes two and suddenly two becomes a week and then a week becomes a month. And before you know it, you haven’t even done what you want to do. So I was like, man, his first of the month, it’s Sunday, I’ve got to go and just make this happen. And all the time, all the while I was like, and actually, funnily enough, I didn’t sleep so well.

We wrote for a couple of hours in the middle of the night because there was some noise from the neighbors and we could hear all sorts of things outside. I thought, oh man, we’re awake now, but I didn’t let that affect me. And then sometimes, you know, suck it down to discipline. You know, we have to get, we have to learn to be disciplined and do things when we don’t feel like doing, because we have to get done at some point. And then whether you get them done, somebody else that’s important. But also because I can’t delegate my running to somebody else, so I have to do it myself. That’s something that you have to get done. And so that was important that I learned that lesson. It changes your mindset, switches things going. Yeah. You know what, even if it’s late, better, late than never, but earlier than on time, I always believe.

But you know, sometimes it isn’t good to plan and, you know, reflect on things that have happened in a week. And, and one of the things that comes to mind is, you know, patients or people I’ve met, who just dabble, who just kind of, you know, they think they’ve gone through certain things. They think they’ve, you know, the answers and, and they seek help initially, but don’t quite, don’t quite take on board everything and then don’t get the results. And I’m like, man, I wish she just knew that we could have prevented this from beginning. We could have prepared for this beforehand. And actually, what did we prepare for it not to get even worse the next time round? And so I take on lessons from all of my patients and all my team. And I was telling my team last week, I said, you know what?

It’s great to be part of an awesome team and awesome culture. And, and we do amazing work, but there, you know, like with anything, there’s going to be times when it doesn’t go to plan. And I think that’s the, the, the strength of the culture is not when things are going right. But when things are going wrong, how does it work? How did the team come together? How do you handle it yourself? And that’s really important to know and learn and be around an environment because environment dictates performance. We know this and in sync, it’s so important to do that. And so I have to, as a leader, not see a leader for my patients, I have to do so much more to be sure that I step up and be prepared for everything. I will create a huge buffer for myself so that I can protect my own health and mental health and, and goals.

But also I’ve gotta be, you know, I’m a family man. I like to be with my family. I like to be around my team. I like to help them. And like, there’s nothing that excites me more than seeing people achieve their goals. That’s, that’s like my number one thing. I love doing that. And I love going in and just problem solving, problem, solving, problem solving as soon as things like that happen. And so, you know, sometimes it’s so funny because you know, the, you know, the advice that you should take because you give it. And it got me thinking about a concept where we think we should practice what we preach, but I think we should flip it on its head and actually preach what we practice because that makes him so much more authentic. I think that’s certainly how I live my life.

I don’t preach something that I don’t know, I’ll preach what I do, where I practice, what I put into reality. And most of the time, Hey, it’s pretty cool. It works, but, oh my gosh. Some of you know, there’s good times a good number of times, it doesn’t work. And I just think he’s going to keep going. He’s going to keep trying it out and give it a go. So my weekend, and I’ve still got to finish preparing a few more things. I’m going to prepare my lemon water. I get some lemon juice, get fresh lemons, blend it all up. I started actually adding ginger to it now. I think it’s really cool. And then I just freeze them in ice traits. So when you wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is get a glass of water like this, but that lemon ice cube, and now grow lemon and ginger ice cubes in there.

Boom, straight away you start the day with a fresh nutrient rich drink and just floods your system and cleanses the system from inside. And you feel like you already start the day with making the right decisions. I did that with the lemon and ginger last weekend and everyone loved it. So we’ll definitely get some more of that too. So things like that are really important to do. So make sure you take some time to prepare for your week ahead, but, but start by reflecting on the week you’ve had, so you can get a little bit better. You don’t have to get hugely better. Don’t do massive things. Just do a little bit more this week, this coming week then needed the week that’s just gone. And that very gets into such an addictive success winning mindset. It becomes very easy to then start doing the more you do that, the easier it gets.

And yeah, I can’t wait till tomorrow morning or the first thing I do on Monday mornings, I grab my phone as soon as I wake up and get a bed, check my emails because I’m looking out for the emails that my team will be sending me about what that goes off for the coming weekend. It’s not just about their work related goals. We actually want to know where their personal goals are so that we can support them. You know, whether it’s, they’ve got family members, special events to celebrate, or if it’s something personal, like what recently? One of our team wasn’t drinking water. They felt like, oh my gosh, my goal is to enjoy a drink with the waters. Every time I passed them, they were like, Hey, how about a water, water and cool cooler that it’s actually quite fun. So I hope that’s been useful for you.

And if you’ve got any questions, please do put them in the comments below or DME, or ping me over on Twitter. I’d love to hear from you. And I’m looking to come on live a little bit more frequently. So you’ll see a little more of me and a few more things that can help share from what I’ve been doing is my struggles, my wins, all those sort of things and kind of rind. That’s pretty cool. I like that. I might have to create a little, little tagline, but hope you have an amazing week. Hope you’ve learned something that you can take on board. And I wish you all the best, have a great week.

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