How Do You Cure A Trapped Nerve?

“Cure” is a word that fascinates me.

The reason is because in my experience the people that I have interacted with who have been searching for a cure for their problems often have very different definitions for what the “cure” is.

It’s only when you scratch the surface and dig deeper do you really get to the source of the problem, and that is where I believe the true cure lies.

What World Health Day 2021 Means To Me

This World Health Day I am taking some time to reflect on what I believe to be the greatest example in our time for why health is so important. I mean, the world has come to a standstill over this past year or so.

As an optimist I always look at what we can learn from the experience of the pandemic. If anything, I would love to see us all prioritise our health.

But what is “health”? The way I see it, health is measured by the ability of your body to heal. After all, the first 4 letters of health spell heal!

What are your thoughts on this?

Do Pinched Nerves Go Away On Their Own?

Can a pinched nerve go away on its own?

Well it really depends on where it is being impinged meaning what is the cause of the pinched nerve.

Think of a pinched nerve as a hose pipe, where the impingement will stop normal nerve flow. The pinched nerve may be impinged along any part of it’s route.

Common symptoms caused by a pinched nerve include pins and needles sensation, shooting pain, weakness and/or tingling.