Can A Chiropractor Break Your Neck?

So can a chiropractor break your neck?

I hope not!

A lot of the time when you see these videos where some chiropractors are adjusting someone’s neck  it looks very similar to some action movies. Let’s put things into perspective first.

When you are watching an action movie, you are watching actors. Those very same actors are still getting up from the floor at the end of the scene.  So the movement that you see the actors create when they make a breaking neck action or move is still not enough to break their neck.

Of course no chiropractor’s intention is ever to break the neck.  Also I don’t know how to break someone’s neck, it’s not what we learn and certainly I do not want to learn.  That’s not what is important to me. 

 What is important is for me to learn how to adjust someone’s joints so that it’s actually correcting the function with optimal movement in those joints. The way that we do that is we spend a lot of time (several years) developing a skill called palpation.

Palpation is the ability to fill in a medical Healthcare context.  you can really feel a lot of different subtle movements within the joints, within the body, within the movements of what’s going on  when this is highly trained and practiced regularly, as I have done.

When you can feel that movement, remember this is on the back of having already gone through a full history and a full examination to determine two things: one what the condition is and two whether this person in front of us is going to be safe to have the treatment.

so we didn’t go through the impacts of those options as well  done that when he goes through bringing movements for those joints it will be really for that sat on moving where there’s not enough range of movement in the joints as well

 and we can tell that is just by this feel and I feel is palpation that a highly tuned sense of touch

 sense sense of feeling at the moment I’m moving on not moving in this case and finding those joints and putting a movement through.

We spend several hours not just developing that sense of touch,  along with studying tons of anatomy and physiology. what that means is as chiropractors we know what the normal ranges of movement are.  

Now there are two things. One  is the theoretical knowledge you gain from textbooks.  secondly the hands-on experience we gain marrying up the theoretical knowledge with the practical information. 

This means what we are doing is going up to the Natural ranges of movement and not passing the natural range of movement in that patient.

If you did go past the normal range of movement, that is what I imagine would be how you break someone’s neck.

That’s why it’s so difficult if you have gone through studying all the anatomy and physiology you’re taking a full case history of a patient performed a thorough examination and not ever learnt how to break somebody’s neck for a well experienced professional highly trained chiropractor to be able to safely perform a neck adjustment.

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