Constant Lower Back Pain

If you’re finding yourself to be describing your symptoms as “constant low back pain”, that it is always there, then let’s check and see what the cause of it really is.

A lot of the time when we have pain or discomfort we often get confused and our bodies, brains and nervous systems get scrambled, and end up misunderstanding the signals they are receiving. They often get into a much more worried state as this is the worst thing that is happening to the body at this moment, and it can often misinterpret it for being constant, even if it may not be.

So consider what activities or movements affect your constant low back pain, that aggravate it and relieves it. Start making a list of what makes it worse and what makes it feel better. This will be really helpful to present to your health professional when you seek to have your constant low back pain resolved.

If you are suffering with constant low back pain, which is truly constant, meaning it will not even allow you to sleep – this is quite rare, for a pain to be so constant that it does not even allow you to sleep. Often in these cases, people are only able to sleep by taking heavy medication, which of course has other health implications too.

The other problem with constant low back pain affecting sleep is because it affects the quality of sleep, it means that the healing phases of sleep are never achieved. The healing phases of sleep are when the body is able to regenerate itself and recover from any tissue damage.

If you are suffering with constant low back pain my first (ironic) advice is to stop looking online for tips & tricks. If it really is that severe you must seek out professional health immediately. There is no need to waste any time and risk your condition becoming permanent if not handled correctly.

Causes of constant low back pain may include a fracture, a break in the bone. If this is the case, then you definitely what to get it checked without delay, because if it is an unstable fracture you can cause some serious damage and injury to the tissues and blood vessels around that area.

If you have been compressing a spinal disc for a number of years due to extreme lifestyle choices of spending long working hours sitting which can cause the spinal discs to pop, burst or bulge. This can lead to the disc pressing on spinal nerves. Combined with that you may have muscle spasm which is trying to protect the area from further damage. However the muscle spasm itself can often be so severe that it causes pain itself.

Please avoid asking loved ones who are not professionally qualified for what they found helped if they have suffered with constant low back pain. It’s just as easy to seek professional help to get the best treatment for your condition.

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