Test Your Ability To Prevent Injury

When I went through my training to learn how to be an osteopath and a chiropractor what I was frequently told is that we prevent conditions recurring. After all we know prevention is better than the cure.

However in practice at the time I found very few people practicing this.

So what I did was reformed my practice, and ever since then I regularly test my patients’ PROPRIOCEPTION.

Proprioception is a professional way of saying how your brain and nervous system knows where your body is in space.

Try this… close your eyes and straighten your arm out in front of you. Now bend your elbow to say 90 degrees. Before you open your eyes, how do you know your elbow is bent? Because the nerves relay messages from your joints to your brain telling you where your body is in space.

Training your proprioception to a high level is a key player in preventing injury. If you had poor proprioception and straightened your elbow, well if by accident you went too far, you would already have damaged tissues and cause an injury before you knew you had gone too far.

Whereas if you train your proprioception high then you would know by the optimum feedback from your body to your nerves and brain that you have moved incorrectly and can prevent tissue damage and injury.

The way I test for proprioception in my patients is by asking them to walk in a straight line with their eyes closed (this removes visual clues). The better you can do this, the better you know where your body is in space and therefore can prevent injury much better.

So whichever health professional you see, make sure at some point in their plan they are going to aid you in training up your proprioception to help prevent injury rather than just constantly dealing with the symptoms only.

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