Financial Markets & A Level Exam Results

How can you handle the turmoil the markets are going in?

Everyone is so uncertain right now. There’s Brexit. The global markets are going downhill. Everyone’s freaking out. The reason they are freaking out and are stressed is because they did not see this coming. The reason they didn’t see it coming is because they didn’t plan for what do if things went wrong, and had only planned for when things were going well.

Everything has been steadily climbing and going up since the global recession in 2008.

So what can you do right now? You really need to think about how you are going to make amendments and make plans, especially if you are an entrepreneur , how you are going to restructure your organisation. Let me be clear, I am not talking about getting rid of people in your organisation. But you certainly need to be thinking about how you are going to reposition certain team members  in your company or organisation. Also, you need to think refocusing your marketing, your spending, your personal finances as well, and also refinancing your investment in yourself.

I am not a financial advisor, but I am a health advisor. People often visit me when they have not invested in themselves, and you have to invest in yourself in a number of different ways. Ways in which you can invest in yourself are:

– self development books

– join the gym, get your body moving

Time and health are two things in life that once lost you can never get back.

You can always get back money, relationships, experiences.

So you have to be wise about what you are doing now.

What’s funny is the word “entrepreneur “. It’s thrown about so often.

I have been doing job interview for over 10 years and there is one question that I have asked consistently at every interview which is “if you could have one job in the world, what would it be?” Up until the last 2-3 years I would get a range of answers such as pilot, chef, dancer, actor, pharmacist, chiropractor, dentist, etc. Only in the recent couple of years have I had applicants say they want to be an entrepreneur.

My response normally is “great, what problem as an entrepreneur do you want to solve?” The answer I usually get back is something like “I’m not sure, but my aunt is an entrepreneur and goers on 3 holidays a year, so that’s what I want to do.”

That’s not what an entrepreneur is. That’s not problem solving. That’s not adding value to your community.

So I would love to see you rethink what you are doing. Refocus your goals. Refocus what your why is. Why is it that you want to do the things you want to do. Rethink whether you do need to have your own business, run your own thing and be an actual entrepreneur. Or can you achieve the same goals by being part of a bigger team, be part of something that add even more value in a more structured way because all the hard work has already been done for you by those people like myself who have taken that risk of time and financial investment, and put in a strategy after making all the mistakes and learning from them and then gone and restructured it all and over time developed it all.

What’s interesting is I started the business before the Great Recession of 2008, back in 2006. Now I had to rethink things as I had never experienced that before. Now that I have experienced it, I know I am in a better place to handle that for whenever it comes. You’ve got to do the same thing.

One thing you have to make sure is to not let yourself suffer from a number of different ways, one of those being your health. Make sure you are still eating the right foods. It’s not expensive or difficult to nourish your body.

Make sure you put a small filter on your tap water to remove all the rubbish and hydrate your body in a healthy way.

Move your body on a daily basis in an efficient way, ensuring that your nervous system is engaged.

All these things will help bring your stress levels down, giving your mind the clarity it needs to focus and give you the ability to live your life on a better level.

This is what the concept of #liveAVIDly is – the ability to have everything without worrying, to be able to wake up and just be happy, and be able to say “You know what? It’s all good! I’ve got this”

That doesn’t mean your completely sorted, nor does it been you are a millionaire, that everything is perfect. But you know that whatever challenges you get thrown your way, you have enough flexibility within yourself either physically or mentally to be able to absorb whatever you need to.

I have seen a lot of people in pain. Just today with students getting their A Level results, the pain of not getting the grades they hoped for. When I had my A Level results I did not get what I wanted or needed. But somehow I still made it in life, have a successful life, a successful career. I achieved an unconditional offer at university because I was passionate about helping people and there was no way anything was going to get in my way to help them.

There are so many people that we know of that have achieved great things without a formal education. So if you or someone you know didn’t get the results you wanted, don’t worry, you can go on to do some amazing things. End of the day, the exam grades are simply communicating to you to pay attention to which direction you should take life. Let me be clear now, I am not saying do not work hard. What I am saying is you need to work hard at figuring out who you are and how you can add value.

You also have to come away from comparing your results with other. I know that’s how the system works, but I don’t want you to do that.

Because your results are your results and they are your results.

What matters most is how much weight you give to those results, not how much weight you think others should give them.

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