How To Take Action

Today I was reminded of an important message that I felt compelled to share with you.

That message was: TAKE ACTION!

A lot of people won’t take action on certain things for a long time.

I met this lady who was planning on doing something, but for 3 years hadn’t taken any action.

For 3 full years she did nothing, until today she was like “ok I’m use going to get it done.”

But those 3 years were wasted, and she could have taken her life to a whole other level.

Had she taken action 3 years ago she would be in a completely different place right now.

You are probably doing the same in some aspect of your life right now.

It may be in your business life, your work life, your personal life or your health life. Whatever it is hat you are procrastinating on, just take action now.

Avoid being a perfectionist about it.

Check it out… today is supposed to be my “day off” from working. In actual fact I don’t see patients today, but check out the time, it’s 7.30pm, we’re in London Bridge and had a full day of business meetings but also we had a chance to see some family we were in.

So we were like “right let’s just make this happen” and literally thought how to cram everything together.

I could have easily said “no” and made a whole bunch of excuses.

The problem with excuses is after a while you start to believe them. If you ever tell a lie long enough then you start to believe it.

So you have to stop telling yourself these lies, they’re not true… after all they are lies!

Start thinking about how you are going to take action.

Whatever it is, you haven’t taken action because you’re not in enough pain right now.

Instead, play out an exercise where you feel the consequences of not taking action now. Where would you be in few months or years if you don’t take action right now.

You not taking action is a big problem because other people need what you have. Whether it be your own health so that you have the energy to help others.

Or your business needs to go to the next level and serve more people who need the solutions to their problems your business is offering.

Or you taking your career to the next level with a promotion which help lead others who need your guidance, or even inspire others in your team to go for their own promotion.

Or especially leading your children and inspiring them to pursue and achieve their goals – after all they’re watching everything you’re doing and will often follow in the example your provide them with.

There are so many things that we are procrastinating on.

People are so locked in they’re not even aware of the pulse of life.

I like the every in this station.

When I was studying Osteopathy I used to take the train to this station everyday for 3 years.

At the time I was staying at home with my parents. Although my parents have never stopped me from going out and partying, but it made it awkward for me to get back home late. So I would avoid going out with my friends late, who would hit the student bar or local pubs.

Some would often tease me about not going out with them.

But look at that hustle mindset and where it’s got me now. That’s just in my DNA. I see some of those friends now and they’re in so much pain, struggling rather than hustling.

For example one guy I called yesterday who could barely speak to me on the phone because he was struggling to make it all work and out of desperation was cramming in patients without taking a lunch break.

Now if you’ve been watching me for a few years will know I rarely take a break, but that’s out of choice. I find a green vegetable smoothie serves me better in terms of time and fuel.

So ask yourself what it is that you are stopping yourself doing, what are you stopping other people doing? That’s even more worrying if others cannot progress because they need your inspirational action to breakthrough their own limiting beliefs.

It’s almost time for my train so I better take some action right now. 

Whatever you do, whatever you are going to be doing right now [just going to make sure i get on the right train] take action by firstly making a list.

What do you need to be doing more of?

Even if you don’t get it 100% correct [so pumped that I take the stairs not the escalators] just take action, even if it’s just a small step in the right direction. 

Start figuring out why you’re going to be looking at, researching, who are you going to be meeting – that’s the kind of thing you want to be thinking about. 

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