Happy Birthday Dr A.T. Still – Father of Osteopathy

Today we celebrate a very special birthday, that of Dr Andrew Taylor Still, discoverer and founder of Osteopathy.

It was Dr Still’s birthday on this day in 1828.

Osteopathy helps treat the body without using drugs or surgery.

Dr Still is famous for claiming to be the “discoverer” rather than the “founder” of Osteopathy, as if it were something that was always there, waiting to be discovered and shared with the world.

Before discovering Osteopathy Dr Still was practicing traditional allopathic medicine, performing surgery and prescribing the medication that was available at the time (arsenic, castor oil, whiskey and opium).

Surgery also wasn’t what it is today, with poor hygiene practices leading to more deaths than cures.

One of Dr Still’s main Osteopathic principles states “the rule of the artery is supreme”. He found that if you can have a rich healthy blood supply into the areas that are unwell in the body, then the body will heal itself.

Dr Still found how to tap into the body’s own medicine chest.

I am so grateful to Dr Still to have “discovered” Osteopathy for the world to enjoy.

As one of three practitioners in the UK qualified in both Osteopathy and Chiropractic it is truly enjoyable to share the power of both these professions with members of the community and help everyone lead a better and more fulfilled life.

Happy Birthday Dr Still! Hope we’re keeping it pure.

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