Hello August

August and December have a lot of similarities.

There are two areas in life that I am super excited about. They are health and business.

Everyone slows down in both August and December in terms of work. People tend to relax and chill out more. That can lead to further changes in diet, such as eating more, whether it when on vacation in the summer or certainly during Christmas in December.

Stress levels also go up during these months. In December we have the stress of preparing for Christmas, perhaps including travelling to loved ones. Travel is also another similarity during the August months.

Sleeping in different beds with different pillows can also have an effect on your health. This is especially true during Christmas, when, if you are like me and come from a large family, then you are likely to be sleeping on the floor in a house full of loved ones and all the beds are taken up.

Although I love this, certainly we have to be mindful of avoiding any aggravation of any underlying conditions that may flare up from a build up of all these different things coming together.

During these times you hear the typical “of course I’m ill, I’ve got the summer flu” or “yep, I got that Christmas bug”. But where were these opportunistic bugs the rest of the year? Did they take a vacation during the Spring and Autumn months?

These bugs have been around all the time. But what tends to happen during August and December is we change our lifestyle so much that it really affects the balance of our health and our bodies, leading to a dip in our immune system, which can no longer manage the additional challenges and stress of such a drastic change in lifestyle. This gives those opportunistic bugs the perfect chance to attack the body and cause you to be ill.

Similarly a business or organisation or a project has the same problem. Your team may get smaller temporarily. For example let’s say you have a team of 20 people and 5 of them go on vacation OR they get ill are off sick. Well that means that your workforce is down 25% but still expected to produce the same as they did before.

This leads to that workforce slowing down their efficiency and morale under the extra strain, leading to a gradual slow down in their output.

Now if you are an entrepreneur or a leader, you have to stay at the front and motivate your team, your project, your community because that’s not when you want to slow down.

In fact you want to speed up! Especially when everyone else is slowing down and retreating, it makes it so much more easier for you to gain and get all your success, go and get all the things you deserve, not just for yourself, but for your community ultimately, because that’s the people you are going to be serving.

That’s why I don’t want you to give up and get lost in the cycle of those who are slowing down in your community.

I took a casual poll recently, and was disappointed, but not surprised to find 100%, yes 100% of those who took part in that poll had decided to slow down in August. None of them took the extra opportunity to build and gain the momentum.

So whatever you do at this point in your year, don’t give in, don’t give up. Double up, triple up, quadruple up your efforts, really push forward and you will be surprised at how much you can achieve. By the way it also feels so good as you feel ahead of the rest of the pack – not that I am one for comparing as I believe that we all live our own individual journeys, but it certainly empowers you to know that you are doing the right thing for yourself, your family, your loved ones, your community and ultimately serving a better purpose.

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