Car Talk With My Wife (Komal)


How do you get all this wealth… in terms of mental wealth, and purpose and the fact that you want to give and help other people and give back to your community, but at the same time pair that up with actual financial wealth because without that financial wealth you may not be able to help other people because you’re too busy helping yourself and trying to improve yourself, and you know….


Yea you’re too stressed and focussed on yourself. So that’s the old fashioned advice “charity starts at home” You can’t look after someone else, you can’t buy a cup of coffee for someone who is homeless if you are not able to look after yourself and feed yourself first. You have to get it the right way round. But then it’s also getting the balance to get to the tipping point.

There’s a point where you are “sorted” and most people don’t objectively calculate that or objectively put in a strategy to then create that, which then creates stress. So for example how we are going from point A to point B in this car, most people don’t have that clear goal in their mind about where they want to go in life. They also don’t have a strong enough why. So we know where we are going right now, and why we are going there. Similarly in life you need to know where you are going and why you want to go there with regards to your life goals.

If you don’t do that, then from a mental health point of view it can increase the risk of being dangerous because then you start looking at other people you deem to be successful.


Yea there’s that as well.

But when you are look at your 5 or 10 year plan of where you want to be, that’s when it can get overwhelming sometimes because you start “catastrophising” certain things. Like if something goes wrong you could be like that’s going to have a knock on affect to that, so no one is going to love me, and no one is going to this or that, so then you risk going into overdrive and start over analysing everything.

So I think if you can even take very small steps into not just thinking about your massive goal, but thinking about little things you can do then you can maybe overcome that overwhelm better.


Yea so it’s like anything. You can break down any big, large, scary goal and chunk it down into smaller bitesize pieces. So take that 5 year goal and break it down into a yearly goal, then also break it down to monthly goals, and weekly then daily goals.

Then you simply put that into your calendar and schedule, including a regular check in to ensure that you are still going in the direction you initially set out to go in. How often you check in depends on you and your comfort levels. For some it may be once a week, for others once a month or quarter.


So how do you do all that at the same time as living life and living in the moment?


What’s the difference?


Because I think sometimes when I am focussed on something, I don’t tend to enjoy the process of it, and I am just thinking “ok, I need to get this done”.


That’s just gratitude and being grateful for that circumstance and opportunity. Being grateful for having the luxury to be able to sit and ponder, create, rather than wonder where you are going to get clean water from today that may or may not kill you or your family.

I know I am going really basic and we can think about how far we have come in the modern world where we get to simply turn a tap to get fresh, clean water but just being grateful, even for this road we’re driving down that I didn’t need to make, or this car that I didn’t need to invent. Not everyone has had that luxury, and I don’t just mean right now in this moment, but in different time periods (like my Dad always says “time is the 4th dimension”). The fact that I am alive and existing in this moment is something that I am very grateful for.

I have thought a lot about this over my lifetime and what if I had been born to different parents, and I am so grateful that I wasn’t because I know from the circumstances in which I have been born in gives me the opportunity and the duty (dharma) to make better life for everyone else and that’s a whole other place. So you have to think about if from that point of view.

And it amazes me how little work you need to do to get yourself sorted, then you have so much abundance with which you can help others. People are very good at making simple things complicated, partly because of fear of failure, partly because of procrastination and because of judgement. I used to greatly fear judgement, and it was only when I stripped myself off of that fear that my life exploded in crazy amounts of abundance.

You just need to help people. From as simple os holding a door open for someone. It’s so easy to be a good human. And you don’t need to monetise everything.

One of the best feelings I have had recently was this time I was rushing in the supermarket to grab some lunch. The tills were really busy. I had just one item and the person in front of me had their weekly shop of over 20 items. The simple act of them offering for me to go ahead made my day. And they had no financial gain to achieve from that interaction. It’s just about being a good human.

It comes down to gratitude basically.


People have got lost in the glitz of how to monetise everything. You don’t have to make money from every problem that you solve. Just help people, that’s it. It’s really that basic. Some people have just forgotten how to be human.


Well it’s because you are looking for your next fix. There’s always something else out there.


That was my mic drop moment – over and out!

Financial Markets & A Level Exam Results

How can you handle the turmoil the markets are going in?

Everyone is so uncertain right now. There’s Brexit. The global markets are going downhill. Everyone’s freaking out. The reason they are freaking out and are stressed is because they did not see this coming. The reason they didn’t see it coming is because they didn’t plan for what do if things went wrong, and had only planned for when things were going well.

Everything has been steadily climbing and going up since the global recession in 2008.

So what can you do right now? You really need to think about how you are going to make amendments and make plans, especially if you are an entrepreneur , how you are going to restructure your organisation. Let me be clear, I am not talking about getting rid of people in your organisation. But you certainly need to be thinking about how you are going to reposition certain team members  in your company or organisation. Also, you need to think refocusing your marketing, your spending, your personal finances as well, and also refinancing your investment in yourself.

I am not a financial advisor, but I am a health advisor. People often visit me when they have not invested in themselves, and you have to invest in yourself in a number of different ways. Ways in which you can invest in yourself are:

– self development books

– join the gym, get your body moving

Time and health are two things in life that once lost you can never get back.

You can always get back money, relationships, experiences.

So you have to be wise about what you are doing now.

What’s funny is the word “entrepreneur “. It’s thrown about so often.

I have been doing job interview for over 10 years and there is one question that I have asked consistently at every interview which is “if you could have one job in the world, what would it be?” Up until the last 2-3 years I would get a range of answers such as pilot, chef, dancer, actor, pharmacist, chiropractor, dentist, etc. Only in the recent couple of years have I had applicants say they want to be an entrepreneur.

My response normally is “great, what problem as an entrepreneur do you want to solve?” The answer I usually get back is something like “I’m not sure, but my aunt is an entrepreneur and goers on 3 holidays a year, so that’s what I want to do.”

That’s not what an entrepreneur is. That’s not problem solving. That’s not adding value to your community.

So I would love to see you rethink what you are doing. Refocus your goals. Refocus what your why is. Why is it that you want to do the things you want to do. Rethink whether you do need to have your own business, run your own thing and be an actual entrepreneur. Or can you achieve the same goals by being part of a bigger team, be part of something that add even more value in a more structured way because all the hard work has already been done for you by those people like myself who have taken that risk of time and financial investment, and put in a strategy after making all the mistakes and learning from them and then gone and restructured it all and over time developed it all.

What’s interesting is I started the business before the Great Recession of 2008, back in 2006. Now I had to rethink things as I had never experienced that before. Now that I have experienced it, I know I am in a better place to handle that for whenever it comes. You’ve got to do the same thing.

One thing you have to make sure is to not let yourself suffer from a number of different ways, one of those being your health. Make sure you are still eating the right foods. It’s not expensive or difficult to nourish your body.

Make sure you put a small filter on your tap water to remove all the rubbish and hydrate your body in a healthy way.

Move your body on a daily basis in an efficient way, ensuring that your nervous system is engaged.

All these things will help bring your stress levels down, giving your mind the clarity it needs to focus and give you the ability to live your life on a better level.

This is what the concept of #liveAVIDly is – the ability to have everything without worrying, to be able to wake up and just be happy, and be able to say “You know what? It’s all good! I’ve got this”

That doesn’t mean your completely sorted, nor does it been you are a millionaire, that everything is perfect. But you know that whatever challenges you get thrown your way, you have enough flexibility within yourself either physically or mentally to be able to absorb whatever you need to.

I have seen a lot of people in pain. Just today with students getting their A Level results, the pain of not getting the grades they hoped for. When I had my A Level results I did not get what I wanted or needed. But somehow I still made it in life, have a successful life, a successful career. I achieved an unconditional offer at university because I was passionate about helping people and there was no way anything was going to get in my way to help them.

There are so many people that we know of that have achieved great things without a formal education. So if you or someone you know didn’t get the results you wanted, don’t worry, you can go on to do some amazing things. End of the day, the exam grades are simply communicating to you to pay attention to which direction you should take life. Let me be clear now, I am not saying do not work hard. What I am saying is you need to work hard at figuring out who you are and how you can add value.

You also have to come away from comparing your results with other. I know that’s how the system works, but I don’t want you to do that.

Because your results are your results and they are your results.

What matters most is how much weight you give to those results, not how much weight you think others should give them.

How To Take Action

Today I was reminded of an important message that I felt compelled to share with you.

That message was: TAKE ACTION!

A lot of people won’t take action on certain things for a long time.

I met this lady who was planning on doing something, but for 3 years hadn’t taken any action.

For 3 full years she did nothing, until today she was like “ok I’m use going to get it done.”

But those 3 years were wasted, and she could have taken her life to a whole other level.

Had she taken action 3 years ago she would be in a completely different place right now.

You are probably doing the same in some aspect of your life right now.

It may be in your business life, your work life, your personal life or your health life. Whatever it is hat you are procrastinating on, just take action now.

Avoid being a perfectionist about it.

Check it out… today is supposed to be my “day off” from working. In actual fact I don’t see patients today, but check out the time, it’s 7.30pm, we’re in London Bridge and had a full day of business meetings but also we had a chance to see some family we were in.

So we were like “right let’s just make this happen” and literally thought how to cram everything together.

I could have easily said “no” and made a whole bunch of excuses.

The problem with excuses is after a while you start to believe them. If you ever tell a lie long enough then you start to believe it.

So you have to stop telling yourself these lies, they’re not true… after all they are lies!

Start thinking about how you are going to take action.

Whatever it is, you haven’t taken action because you’re not in enough pain right now.

Instead, play out an exercise where you feel the consequences of not taking action now. Where would you be in few months or years if you don’t take action right now.

You not taking action is a big problem because other people need what you have. Whether it be your own health so that you have the energy to help others.

Or your business needs to go to the next level and serve more people who need the solutions to their problems your business is offering.

Or you taking your career to the next level with a promotion which help lead others who need your guidance, or even inspire others in your team to go for their own promotion.

Or especially leading your children and inspiring them to pursue and achieve their goals – after all they’re watching everything you’re doing and will often follow in the example your provide them with.

There are so many things that we are procrastinating on.

People are so locked in they’re not even aware of the pulse of life.

I like the every in this station.

When I was studying Osteopathy I used to take the train to this station everyday for 3 years.

At the time I was staying at home with my parents. Although my parents have never stopped me from going out and partying, but it made it awkward for me to get back home late. So I would avoid going out with my friends late, who would hit the student bar or local pubs.

Some would often tease me about not going out with them.

But look at that hustle mindset and where it’s got me now. That’s just in my DNA. I see some of those friends now and they’re in so much pain, struggling rather than hustling.

For example one guy I called yesterday who could barely speak to me on the phone because he was struggling to make it all work and out of desperation was cramming in patients without taking a lunch break.

Now if you’ve been watching me for a few years will know I rarely take a break, but that’s out of choice. I find a green vegetable smoothie serves me better in terms of time and fuel.

So ask yourself what it is that you are stopping yourself doing, what are you stopping other people doing? That’s even more worrying if others cannot progress because they need your inspirational action to breakthrough their own limiting beliefs.

It’s almost time for my train so I better take some action right now. 

Whatever you do, whatever you are going to be doing right now [just going to make sure i get on the right train] take action by firstly making a list.

What do you need to be doing more of?

Even if you don’t get it 100% correct [so pumped that I take the stairs not the escalators] just take action, even if it’s just a small step in the right direction. 

Start figuring out why you’re going to be looking at, researching, who are you going to be meeting – that’s the kind of thing you want to be thinking about. 

Happy Birthday Dr A.T. Still – Father of Osteopathy

Today we celebrate a very special birthday, that of Dr Andrew Taylor Still, discoverer and founder of Osteopathy.

It was Dr Still’s birthday on this day in 1828.

Osteopathy helps treat the body without using drugs or surgery.

Dr Still is famous for claiming to be the “discoverer” rather than the “founder” of Osteopathy, as if it were something that was always there, waiting to be discovered and shared with the world.

Before discovering Osteopathy Dr Still was practicing traditional allopathic medicine, performing surgery and prescribing the medication that was available at the time (arsenic, castor oil, whiskey and opium).

Surgery also wasn’t what it is today, with poor hygiene practices leading to more deaths than cures.

One of Dr Still’s main Osteopathic principles states “the rule of the artery is supreme”. He found that if you can have a rich healthy blood supply into the areas that are unwell in the body, then the body will heal itself.

Dr Still found how to tap into the body’s own medicine chest.

I am so grateful to Dr Still to have “discovered” Osteopathy for the world to enjoy.

As one of three practitioners in the UK qualified in both Osteopathy and Chiropractic it is truly enjoyable to share the power of both these professions with members of the community and help everyone lead a better and more fulfilled life.

Happy Birthday Dr Still! Hope we’re keeping it pure.

Hello August

August and December have a lot of similarities.

There are two areas in life that I am super excited about. They are health and business.

Everyone slows down in both August and December in terms of work. People tend to relax and chill out more. That can lead to further changes in diet, such as eating more, whether it when on vacation in the summer or certainly during Christmas in December.

Stress levels also go up during these months. In December we have the stress of preparing for Christmas, perhaps including travelling to loved ones. Travel is also another similarity during the August months.

Sleeping in different beds with different pillows can also have an effect on your health. This is especially true during Christmas, when, if you are like me and come from a large family, then you are likely to be sleeping on the floor in a house full of loved ones and all the beds are taken up.

Although I love this, certainly we have to be mindful of avoiding any aggravation of any underlying conditions that may flare up from a build up of all these different things coming together.

During these times you hear the typical “of course I’m ill, I’ve got the summer flu” or “yep, I got that Christmas bug”. But where were these opportunistic bugs the rest of the year? Did they take a vacation during the Spring and Autumn months?

These bugs have been around all the time. But what tends to happen during August and December is we change our lifestyle so much that it really affects the balance of our health and our bodies, leading to a dip in our immune system, which can no longer manage the additional challenges and stress of such a drastic change in lifestyle. This gives those opportunistic bugs the perfect chance to attack the body and cause you to be ill.

Similarly a business or organisation or a project has the same problem. Your team may get smaller temporarily. For example let’s say you have a team of 20 people and 5 of them go on vacation OR they get ill are off sick. Well that means that your workforce is down 25% but still expected to produce the same as they did before.

This leads to that workforce slowing down their efficiency and morale under the extra strain, leading to a gradual slow down in their output.

Now if you are an entrepreneur or a leader, you have to stay at the front and motivate your team, your project, your community because that’s not when you want to slow down.

In fact you want to speed up! Especially when everyone else is slowing down and retreating, it makes it so much more easier for you to gain and get all your success, go and get all the things you deserve, not just for yourself, but for your community ultimately, because that’s the people you are going to be serving.

That’s why I don’t want you to give up and get lost in the cycle of those who are slowing down in your community.

I took a casual poll recently, and was disappointed, but not surprised to find 100%, yes 100% of those who took part in that poll had decided to slow down in August. None of them took the extra opportunity to build and gain the momentum.

So whatever you do at this point in your year, don’t give in, don’t give up. Double up, triple up, quadruple up your efforts, really push forward and you will be surprised at how much you can achieve. By the way it also feels so good as you feel ahead of the rest of the pack – not that I am one for comparing as I believe that we all live our own individual journeys, but it certainly empowers you to know that you are doing the right thing for yourself, your family, your loved ones, your community and ultimately serving a better purpose.

Run To Victory & Silence Your Critics

Growing up I was one of the fattest boys in my class.

I hated any type of exercise.

It was probably why I was always the last to be picked by my friends to be on their team when playing in the school playground.

One summer during gym class the teacher was giving us tips on how to improve our technique for a 100 metres sprint.

I don’t know why but for some reason I paid real close attention to every component.

At the end of the class we were all separated into groups to run the 100m.

Having always been the slowest or the last in sports at this point I “knew” be rubbish & expected to be last.

So when our group was called I joined the others at the starting line, ready to run our 100m.

“Ready, set… GO!” the teacher shouted.

Off we went.

Of course within the first few strides you could clearly see I was at the back of the group, with the more athletic class mates taking the lead easily.

I was ready to finish the race last, and I hadn’t even reached half way.

Then suddenly I got this sense of floating. Everything the teacher had just shown us all came together.

Before you knew it I breezed past the guy who was second last and just in front of me.

Funnily enough this guy had been teasing me for a few months for being fat.

I was surprised as I crossed the finishing line to not come last for the first time in my life in a race like this.

Now, everyday I meet people who have given up on their hopes, dreams and goals.

Whether it be patients or team members, I have made it my life’s work to help everyone achieve their goals.

This is what the concept of #liveAVIDly means – you are meant to have your cake and eat it too (especially when’s it a #vegan fudge brownie cake).

I love to help guide them to float across their own finishing lines.

This is why I do what I do. This is what I want for you.

Let massive limitless reproducible success be your response to your critics.

Thank you for reading this to the end. I wish you to have the best week, month, year of your life… let’s go!